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Breaking News!!


Less than 72 hours to the start of the Norfolk Pub 10-Miler!

Parking is limited. Please park up at the Town Hall. Race-day registration opens at 9:00 AM.

Those competitors that predict a finish time of 1:50 or more may participate in an early start at 10:30 AM.


The preregistration list for the Norfolk Pub 10-Miler is posted!.


With the Norfolk Pub 10-Miler just a few days away, I've posted an expose about the course. Check out the course preview.


It is interesting to see the formidable Dave Dunham's name move to the bottom of the list and wonder if Jeff Niedeck's Master record will hold for another year. There is Open, Master and Grand Master prize money. Will a woman ever break 60 minutes at Norfolk? Claudia Camargo (Nero) dominated from 2004 to 2007 and Shannon McHale's masters record seems pretty safe...

Top Fifteen Times for Men in Norfolk Pub 10-Miler (CT00003DR). Greystone offers $100.00 for a new course record and $50.00 for a new Master's record!

1. Chris Zablocki 23, 53:09, 5:19's, 1st in 2011

2. Chris Zablocki 24, 53:35, 5:22's, 1st in 2012

3. William Sanders 24, 53:54, 5:24's, 2nd in 2011

4. Chad Johnson 26, 54:40, 5:28's, 1st in 2001

5. Peter Oviatt 32, 55:38, 5:34's, 2nd in 2001

6. Marc Robaczynski 37, 55:58, 5:36's, 3rd in 2011

7. Kevin Curley 26, 56:21, 5:39's, 1st in 2006

8. Eric Blake 24, 56:37, 5:40's, 1st in 2003

9. Eric Blake 26, 56:54, 5:42's, 1st in 2005

10. Brian Nelson 31, 57:16, 5:44's, 4th in 2011

11. Jon French 24, 57:24, 5:45's, 1st in 2007

12. Zack Schwartz 21, 57:42, 5:47's, 1st in 2009

13. Brian Nelson 30, 57:44, 5:47's, 1st in 2010

14. Joseph LeMay 38, 57:47, 5:47's, 1st in 2004

15. Dave Dunham 36, 57:57, 5:48's, 1st in 2000

16. Jeff Niedeck 45, 58:24, 5:51's, 2nd in 2009 (Master's Record)

Top Fifteen Times for Women in Norfolk Pub 10-Miler (CT00003DR). Greystone offers $100.00 for a new course record and $50.00 for a new Master's record!

1. Claudia Camargo 35, 1:00:33, 6:04's, 3rd in 2006

2. Claudia Camargo 36, 1:01:58, 6:12's, 4th in 2007

3. Claudia Camargo 33, 1:03:51, 6:24's, 5th in 2004

4. Claudia Camargo 34, 1:04:46, 6:29's, 4th in 2005

5. Shannon Mchale 40, 1:05:07, 6:31's, 18th in 2011 (Master's Record)

6. Bess Ritter 24, 1:06:32, 6:40's in 2011

7. Melissa Stellato 31, 1:06:59, 6:42's, 10th in 2013

8. Donna Kay-Ness 50, 1:07:31, 6:46's in 2013

9. Brittany Heninger 23, 1:08:23, 6:51's in 2011

10. Liz Fagan 28, 1:09:06, 6:55's in 2003

11. Kate Lapinski 41, 1:09:17, 6:56's in 2006

12. Brittany Heninger 21, 1:09:44, 6:59's in 2009

13. Brittany Heninger 22, 1:10:00, 7:00's in 2010

14. Beth Krasemann 38, 1:10:08, 7:01's in 2011

15. Beth Krasemann 37, 1:10:22, 7:03's in 2010

Saturday, December 20, is the big day! You can register at the race!

Parking , registration, the start, and finish are located at the Town Hall on Maple Ave. Race-Day registration closes at 10:45 AM. Gun time is 11:00 AM. Current USATF mebership is required for cash awards. Awards (must be present to win) will take place at The Wood creek Bar and Grill at approximately 1:00 PM. See you there!


Tens days to the Norfolk Pub 10-Miler! Four days left to take advantage of the preregistration price discount...

This year the 2014 Norfolk Pub 10-Miler will offer an optional early start for those competitors that predict a finish time of 1 hour 50 minutes or more. The early start will be at 10:30 AM. Awards will take place at the pub, promtly at 1:00 PM.

The race application for the 31st Annual Polar Bear Run is posted. The 2015 Polar Bear has been selected as the USATF Connecticut Cup Championship!


Rain didn't dampen these spirits! After several years, Litchfield Parks and Rec decided to change the course for the Jingle Bell Run. It was a good move. The new course is flat and fast and everyone seemed to like it. The leaders passed the 2-Mile in 10:50 on a wet, chilly, day. The new course has potential for sub 16 minutes and on a warmer, dry day, I would expect an inordinate number of personal records.

For Pieger, this was another solid victory in a great 2014 season. Many thanks to the organizers, the volunteers, sponsors, runners, and the guy pushing the reindeer head...Don't worry kids; it wasn't a real reindeer head. Results for the 32nd Annual Litchfield Jingle Bell Run 5K are posted. See you at the Norfolk Pub 10-Miler!


This Saturday is the Litchfield Jingle Bell 5K. This year features a new course and a new start time. The race starts at 11:00 AM. Registration opens at 9:00 AM at the intermediate school on Plumb Hill Rd. The start is on Constitution Rd and the new course avoids all the hills. The new course is flat and fast! There is still time to preregister at Litchfield Parks and Rec, and there is race-day registration. Don't forget the holiday costume division...See you there!


A little blood, a little mud: Cross-Country. It was a record crowd for the grand finale of the 2014 USATF/CT Cross-Country Grand Prix. Teams were charged up and the runners raced. This Newington course is a great course for spectator viewing and for the runners racing. It's a change from the woods to the field. The Lupus Foundation of Connecticut did a fantastic job in course marking, course monitoring, and crowd control.

A rare appearance from the roadster, Sanders as he leads his team, Sound Runner, to a resounding victory.

Sound Runner fielded a women's team, and they did not disappoint. Results from the 3rd Annual Huffing Off Stuffing Cross-Country 5K are posted.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite the 12 inches of newly fallen snow, it was a national field of runners at the Western Massachusetts Athletic Club's annual event. Four Berkshire boys take the top spots. The top three finishers passed the first, and the fastest, mile in 4:55.

It was a Connecticut girl taking top honors in the women's race.

Thank you to all the races we have timed and to all the runners who printed neatly in 2014. Results for the WMAC Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day 5K Road Race from Adams, Massachusetts are posted!


Christina Wickson runs a great double! Yesterday, Wickson competed in the Hartford Track Club's Cross-Country Challenge 8K at the MDC Reservoir in West Hartford. The race was the 3rd of the USATF-Connecticut's Cross-Country Grand Prix Series. The fourth, and final race is Sunday, November 30th in Newington. Not only was Wickson the first USATF/CT Female, but she was the first overall female and she lead her women's team, Woodbridge-Brookfield, to victory...

After yesterday's win, Wickson follows up with a faster time and a very impressive win in Waterbury today! Wickson is this weekend's MVP. Congratulations Christina (photo courtesy of David Reik).

It's the beginning of the Holidays!

Another great race! Downtown Waterbury. Ideal weather conditions. Fast times. A lot of smiles!

5K winners..

The 5-Mile winner!

Results for the 40th Annual Fischang-Cicchetti Memorial 5K/5-Mile Road Race are posted! Thank you to all the runners, the cow-bell spectators, the YMCA of Waterbury, and to veryone for making this great event happen 40 years in a row.


The crowd was so big at the Age Before Beauty, I could barely fit them in... What a great day for a cross-country race! There was a record turnout of runners and a record turnout of teams. The competition was strong and the times were very fast. Despite the front runners adding length to the course, they almost broke the course record.

The men's race was won by one second. The women's race was won by two seconds.

Chris Rosenbrg lead his team, Sound Runner, to a first place victory in the Men's Open competition. They're taking home $150.

Brittany Heninger lead the entire race, until the last 300 meters. Through 1 mile in 6:04, up the hill and through the second mile in 12:38, Carlota Corbella edged Heninger by two seconds and set a new course record! The old record 18:19, was held by Meredith Remigino from 2013. Open team results are posted. Master results will be posted soon along with a whole bunch of photos. Thank you to Dave Driscoll, White Memorial, Katie Pratt, Bob Gemske, John Keilty, Pete Hawley, Brittany Heninger, and the many runners who helped to make this a great event. Results for the 9th Annual Age Before Beauty Cross-Country 5K are posted!


This Sunday is the 2nd race in the 2014 USATF/CT Cross-Country Grand Prix: The 9th Annual Age Before Beauty 5K XC, at the White Memorial Conservation Area in Litchfield. Registration opens at 8:00 AM and the race starts at 9:00 AM.

Will the World Mountain Contender, Mt. Washington Champion, World record holder for the treadmill marathon, 2013 ABB Champion, and course record holder, Eric Blake return to defend his title? Can the Woodbridge Running Company from Brookfield earn enough points to defend their 2013 Team Champion title? The Hartford Track Club, Mohegan Striders, Milford Road Runnes, Sound Runner, Manchester Running Company, Housatonic Road Runners, Fleet Feet Sports of Hartford, and a few other teams might have something to say. Take a look at the preregistration list. This is the first race of the day and it runs the Junior Olympic 5K course. The race is open to everyone.


A record turnout on a fantastic Autumn day! My assistant and I did a detailed preview of the course. The first mile has the largest of two hills. It's fairly steep, winds around some neighborhood roads while continually climbing for about 1/2 mile. At 3/4 the course drops slightly as it passes the backside of the starting/registration area and then starts to climb. The second hill, at about 1.25 miles, isn't as steep or as long as the first. At 1.6 miles the course opens out to a long highway stretch of fast, gradual downhill, past the 2-mile mark and bottoms out onto Main street at about 2.3 miles. The third mile is the screamer. Downhill to flat should compensate for the two climbs as the fastest mile. 17-year old, Trevor Daigle, from Thomaston, took advantage of the last mile, as did my assistant, Brittany Heninger. Without any warm-up, Heninger set a new women's age-group record while Daigle coasted to victory.

Thank you to the organizers, the sponsors, spectators, and runners. This race is on the verge of exploding and becoming a regional classic. Results for the 13th Annual Diane Burr Memorial 5K Flag Run/Walk are posted!


This Sunday is the 13th Annual Dianne Burr Memorial 5K Flag Run/Walk in Thomaston, CT at 2:15 PM. There is race-day registration that opens around 12:30 and closes at 2:00 PM. This is a highly spirited event with flags on display from all over the United States of America and the Territories. Get there early for parking near the Police Station, and stay there for the awards and a slice of pizza.


The world famous Norfolk Pub 10-Mile Road Race application is available on the Applications Page.

Yesterday was the first race in the USATF/CT 2014 Cross-Country Grand Prix. There were several teams represented for the men's open and masters. The women's open and masters was one by an unchallenged Woodbridge Running Company(WRC)-Brookfield. Congratulations to the women of WRC-Brookfield; you've won $180 and you currently reside in first place for the overall champion standings. The men's races were very competitive and very exciting. In the Open competition, Sound Runner went 1,2,4, 10, and 12th for 29 points, WRC-Brook field was second with 73 points, the Litchfield Track Club had an unofficial score of 79 points, and the Mohegan Striders had 84 points. The top 2 open teams win money: Sound Runner $150, WRC-Brookfield $100. Sound Runner has 4 points, WRC-Brook 3, and Mohegan Striders 2 points toward the 2014 Open Champion standings.

The Masters race was very close. WRC-Brookfield was 1,3,5 for 9 points and Mohegan Striders 2,4,6 = 12 points. Money is awarded to the first place Master Men and Women. The defending 2013 Open and Masters Champions, the WRC-Brookfield walks away with $90. WRC-Brookfield has 2 points to the year-end Master's Champion while Mohegan Striders has 1 point.

Note; Many of these teams have individuals who have been selected to compete as the All-Star Team Connecticut at the USATF/NE Championship this Sunday at Franklin Park, Boston, MA. As such, the teams will each receive 1/2 point toward their teams Connecticut Champion standings.

If you would like to be considered for the Franklin Park XC CT All Star Team, send me an email asap. On-Line reg closes on the 5th.

The next event on the USATF/CT 2014 XC Grand Prix is the Age Before Beauty 5K XC at White Memorial in Litchfield. It is the same day as the Junior Olympics and it is the very first race of the day on the JO 5K course. The kids do provide great motivation all along the course and especially the great field finish stretch. Mail in your ABB application asap. The race is open to everyone!


Opening Day for the 2014 USATF/CT Cross-Country season! Despite the threat of snow and ice, a huge crowd turned out to run the lucky 13th Annual Sunny Brook Cross-Country 5K. There were several teams and the men's open and masters competition was fantastic. Preliminary team scores are posted. Sound Runner had a solid open team with William Sanders (still recovering from the Hartford Marathon) leading the way.

The Woodbridge Running Company from Brookfield took the Open and Masters women team competiton. The Mohegan Striders, WRCBrookfield Men, and Litchfield Track Club all had tremendous performances under severe windy conditions. Many thanks to the Northwest Y, the sponsors, volunteers, spectators, and the cross-country runners! Results are posted.


There was a fantastic turnout in an effort to beat the rain and run a pr! Mario Long has been selected to represent the State of Connecticut on November 9, 2014 at the USATF New England Cross-Country Championships. Longo set a new course record today. He broke the 42-yearold, Jeffrey Townsend's record. Interesting to note; Longo will be racing on the same Master's Team as Townsend. Team Connecticut should do fairly well..

Just a reminder, don't be fiddling with your watch until you have completely cleared the finish line mats. That type of activity slows the runner down and in cross-country, it could cost several places. Another Master, Debra Robinson, from Watertown, took the women's race. Congratulations to all the runners and thank you to the spectators, sponsors, organizers, and the City of Waterbury for a well run event. Results for the 2nd Annual Sacred Heart High School Veteran's Day 5K Dash are posted!

Falls Village managed to escape the rain as runners toured the newly revised 5K course and found the flatness agreeable. 17-Year old, Brandon LeClair, from Goshen (orange shorts), put together a great bookend. Winning the Memorial Day 5-Miler in Norfolk and, nearly 6 months later, winning the Culligan Cannonball.

He might have broken 17 minutes if he had run straight to the finish. Congratulations to Cheyenne Schumacher for her victory in the women's race. thank you to the Volunteer Fire Department of Falls Village, the many sponsors, volunteers, organizers, spectators, and runners. Results for the 14th Annual Culligan Cannonball Run 5K are posted.


A blustery October day with hints of November. The St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Waterbury puts on a great event with over 300 walkers! It was 14-year old, Mateo Tiul, from Litchfield, for the win and 16-yearold, Alexander Perugini, from Watertown, for the runner up. Seven of the top ten were young guns. Athena Petersen took the women's race. Thank you for all the support given to the Mission. Thank you to the sponsors, the organizers, volunteers, spectators, runners, and walkers. Results are posted.


The Culinary Institute of America offers a great incentive to perform well...

Chilly temperatures and a shroud of fog enveloped the record crowd for the 4th Annual Run for Your Knives Homecoming 5K. The event is presented by the Culinary Institute of America and it offered nearly $33,000.00 in scholarships to not just the best runners, but to the volunteers and organizers that made this event happen. The scholarships were awarded immediately following the race comprised of Students and Alumni. There were a few guests and I believe that the 2015 event may allow for an even bigger crowd. The three loop course tours the 100 acre campus in Hyde Park and offers breathtaking views of the Hudson.

Many thanks to the organizers, the sponsors, the spectators, returning alumni, and student runners! Results are posted!


The United States Track and Field- Connecticut Association announces the 2014 Cross-Country Grand Prix

These races are open to everyone; however, USATF/CT Eligibility Rules apply for prize money.

Each Race has Team Prize Money for: 1st and 2nd Open Men (5 score by place, an additional 2 will displace), 1st and 2nd Open Women (3 score plus 2 displace), 1st Master Men (3/2), and 1st Master Women (3/2).

The Connecticut Team and Individual Champions for m/f Open and Master will be determined based on overall performance. The teams will earn points based on appearance and performance against the other attending teams for each race. Scores will be posted during the season. The tie-break is determined at the Huffing Off Stuffing 5K in Newington.
Each team must provide: participants name as it appears on the USATF membership roster, age, and overall finish place in the race. Send the scoring roster within 24 hours of the event; including the displacement runners, via email to:
Master runners may score for both open and master teams.
The $2,100 in prize money will be determined based on compliance, attendance, participation, and performance..

Following is the 2014 USATF/CT XC schedule:
11/2/14 Sunny Brook 5k, Torrington, CT

*11/9/14 New England XC Championships, Franklin Park, MA
11/16/14 Age Before Beauty 5k, Litchfield, CT
11/22/14 Hartford Track Club 8k, West Hartford, CT
11/30/14 Huffing Off Stuffing 5k, Newington, CT

*Note: As a participant on the Connecticut All-Star Team, each participating Club will receive 1/2 point toward their year-end championship score.

Race applications for Age Before Beauty 5K XC, Fischang-Chiccetti 5Mile/5K, and Huffing off Stuffing 5K XC are available from our Applications page.


A great turnout at Hammonasset Beach State Park. It was windy and cold but Josh Cashman and Laura Pieger didn't mind. Thank you to the many volunteers, sponsors, organizers, spectators and runners. Results for the 17th Annual Run for the Cove 5K are posted.



The pageantry. The spectacle. One couldn't help but giggle!

The turnout was amazing for this first year event. Noted celebrities from around the nation. Top runners from near and far.

This was The Bunny Williams Connecticut Doggie Cup Run & Wag 5K to help the Little Guild of Cornwall. There were dogs, and people, of all shapes and sizes.

Eric Morse, from Berlin, VT, is one of the top runners in the country. He's run for several National Teams in Mountain and Trail competitions around the world.

This was Murdock's 20th race for 2014!

Joseph Virgilio was top solo male. Jenny McLain was top solo female.

Many thanks to Bunny Williams, Richard Schlesinger, Cara Sundland, Dennis House, Mark Dixon, the many voulunteers, sponsors, organizers, spectators, runners, and dogs. The entire event was very entertaining. The foliage was pretty good too...

Results are posted!


There is a great turnout for the Run and Wag 5K in Cornwall tomorrow. Take a look at the preregistration list! Among the 5 team divisions, we have teams in every category.


The Run and Wag 5K has people divisions and team divisions (Toy, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large). Here are just a couple of the teams:

The foliage should be peak!


Run and Wag 5k - The Bunny Williams Connecticut Doggie Cup
October 18th, 2014
Cornwall, CT

Connecticut Doggie Cup Champion Bowls made by local artist Iris Hermann. The top team finishers will win the bowl and be crowned as the fastest Dog/Human team in Connecticut This is one of the first races of it's kind in the state and it will be a fast and flat 5k through one of the most scenic vistas in the state during peak foliage season. There is also a $100 cash prize to be awarded to the fastest male/female solo runners so serious runners should also apply.All proceeds will benefit the Little Guild of St. Francis, for the welfare of animals.
Please visit the race site for more info:


Tom Keefe, Brandon Williams, 18-yearold, Brandon Driver, and 53-year old, Art Reilly ran down main street in front of a large crowd of onlookers gathering for the parade. The crowd was all along the parade route, which just happened to be much of the race route. The sun was shining. The trees were on fire and so were the runners. Keefe cruised, Reilly was well under 6's, and the crowd cheered. This race, the venue, the crowds, the course, it's made for a couple thousand runners. Mark your calendar for the 27th Annual. You won't be disappointed. The results for Greylock Federal Credit Union's presentation of the 26th Annual 5K Road Race at the North Adams Fall Foliage Parade are posted!


The rain didn't dampen the spirits as runners turnout for the 32nd Annual Highland Lake 10K. Edmund Milly ran a strong race with Jeremy Muratore close behind. The rain was minimal during the race and the conditions were actually pretty good. Laura Pieger finished 6th overall and took the women's race. Many thanks to the volunteers, sponsors, spectators, and runners! Results are posted.


Riley Rising and Meghan Gimes were all alone from the first mile. They lead their teams to victory. Congratulations to Chase Collegiate and to all the runners who competed under damp conditions at the HVAL Cross-Country Invitational held at the Forman School in Litchfield, CT. Results are posted.


This Saturday is the 32nd Annual Highland Lake 10K near the boat launch on Highland Lake in Winsted, CT. The race starts at 9:00 AM. It's not only one of the oldest races in Connecticut, it's also one of only a few remaining 10K certified courses. There is race-day registration from 7:30 to 8:45 AM. See you there!


Jim O'Rourke gives us the thumbs up as nearly 900 runners took to the roads of Middlebury in the 1st Annual Pies & Pints 5K Ta-Ta Trot! It was a great day for a run and Pies & Pints was a great place to be. Chris Scannell established the course record and Aimee Salemi set the women's record. Results are posted!


Just a few slots left for the Pies & Pints 5K Ta-Ta Trot 2014. View Preregistration list...


This Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM is the Pies & Pints 5K Ta-Ta Trot 2014. On-line registration is full. The last few slots may be available to those who turn in their paper registration to Pies & Pints by noon on Saturday. The race closes at 1000 and less than 100 slots remain. There may not be any race day registration. Register now... Pies & Pints, One Store Road, Middlebury, CT. Stay tuned for the preregistration list!


The 2nd Annual Dads Matter Too 5K managed to avoid the early morning showers and the mid morning rise in heat and humidity. It was a great turnout at Library Park in Waterbury. Results are posted!


Ideal racing conditions for the 20th Annual. Last year's record setter was back. Darren Walden took 20 seconds off of last year's time with a new course record of 16:12! Marcy Withington took the women's race. Many thanks to the volunteers, organizers, spectators, and runners. Results for the 20th Annual Deep River Parks and Recreation 5K and 1-Mile races are posted.

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