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Breaking News!!!


There are some great races coming up! You can download the race registration form and mail in your entry, or you can register on-line. Check out the Race Application page.


photo courtesy of; Jorge Criollo

This American Bald Eagle was circling over the start of the 33rd Annual Lake Waramaug Polar Bear Run. Many thanks to EMT Criollo and to the many volunteers that helped to make this a great event. see you next year!


Asher Brandt had an outstanding run today around the lake. Alyssa Cole was the first female and 3rd overall. Check out the results!


It looks like we're in for good weather tomorrow at the 33rd Annual Polar Bear Run.

There are 250 T-Shirts to be handed out to the first 250 people who show up to pre registration.

View the Pre-registration List.

Parking is very limited. The ground may be soft. Please car pool. Please get there early. Thank you.


The 33rd Annual Polar Bear 7.6-Mile Run around Lake Waramaug is this Sunday. The weather looks like it's going to be good and the course conditions should be clean and fast. Please get there early and try to commute. Parking is very limited. You can register on-line until Friday. Check out the on-line registration or download the race application.


Great day for the Danbury Big Chili 5k

Today's results!


The 33rd Annual Polar Bear Run is scheduled to run the 7.6-Mile loop, counter clockwise, around Lake Waramaug in New Preston, CT on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 11:00 AM. This is a mostly flat and fast course that starts and finishes in front of the Lake Waramaug Country Club. Pre-registration is now open. You can download the race registration form or register on-line.


Norfolk Results!


The Norfolk Pub 10-Miler is on schedule for this Saturday. There is an early start at 10:30 for those runners who plan to run 100 minutes or more. The standard start is 11:00 AM. Runners will need to be identified in the computer by heat A or heat B. When you collect your number at the registration area, be sure to identify which start time you plan on running. Take a look at the pre-registration list.

There is race-day registration that opens at 9:00 AM. Please park at the Town Hall.


On-Line Registration for the Norfolk Pub 10-Mile ends 1/4 at 1:30 AM!

The Norfolk Pub 10-Mile Road Race will offer an early start for those runners who plan on running 100 minutes or more.
The Competitive start is at 11:00 AM.
The early start is at 10:30 AM.
Those runners who choose to run in the early start shall have a minimum time of 100 minutes and must declare their start time upon pick-up of their bib number.
The estimated time for awards will be 1:00 PM


Happy New Year!

It's a beautiful day for a run. Gordy's First Race has bright sunshine and moderate tempertures. A New Record!

Zablocki breaks a record from 1994!

54-Year Old Zolty rings the bell! Glass tops women in Milton Resolution 5-Miler!

Today's Race Results!


The 18th Annual Norfolk Pub 10-Mile Road Race is scheduled for Saturday, January 7, 2016.

On-Line Registration is available.

12/16/16 10:00 AM EST

The 18th Annual Norfolk Pub 10-Mile Road Race postponed to Saturday, January 7, 2017

I just received word from the Town of Norfolk that, due to the impending snow storm, Norfolk is predicted to receive in excess of 5 inches of snow. The town will have trucks on the roads in an effort to keep the roads clear and safe and to that effect, runners should not be on the roads. The timing of the storm currently looks like it is synchronized to have maximum effect in the morning and through early afternoon.

The race will start at 11:00 AM on Saturday, January 7, 2017. Race-day registration will open at 9:00 AM. The early start will be at 10:30 (please note the Early Start Rules below).

Please pass on this notice to fellow runners.

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see all of you on the 7th. Thank you.


The weather and course conditions for Norfolk, CT are being monitored.

Currently, the race is on schedule.

Stay tuned for updates.


It is interesting to see the formidable Dave Dunham's name move to the bottom of the list and wonder if Jeff Niedeck's Master record will hold for another year. There is Open, Master and Grand Master prize money. Will a woman ever break 60 minutes at Norfolk? Claudia Camargo (Nero) dominated from 2004 to 2007 and Shannon McHale's masters record seems pretty safe...

Top Fifteen Times for Men in Norfolk Pub 10-Miler (CT00003DR). Greystone offers $100.00 for a new course record and $50.00 for a new Master's record!

1. Chris Zablocki 23, 53:09, 5:19's, 1st in 2011

2. Chris Zablocki 24, 53:35, 5:22's, 1st in 2012

3. William Sanders 24, 53:54, 5:24's, 2nd in 2011

4. Chad Johnson 26, 54:40, 5:28's, 1st in 2001

5. Peter Oviatt 32, 55:38, 5:34's, 2nd in 2001

6. Marc Robaczynski 37, 55:58, 5:36's, 3rd in 2011

7. Kevin Curley 26, 56:21, 5:39's, 1st in 2006

8. Eric Blake 24, 56:37, 5:40's, 1st in 2003

9. Eric Blake 26, 56:54, 5:42's, 1st in 2005

10. Brian Nelson 31, 57:16, 5:44's, 4th in 2011

11. Jon French 24, 57:24, 5:45's, 1st in 2007

12. Zack Schwartz 21, 57:42, 5:47's, 1st in 2009

13. Brian Nelson 30, 57:44, 5:47's, 1st in 2010

14. Joseph LeMay 38, 57:47, 5:47's, 1st in 2004

15. Dave Dunham 36, 57:57, 5:48's, 1st in 2000

16. Jeff Niedeck 45, 58:24, 5:51's, 2nd in 2009 (Master's Record)

Top Fifteen Times for Women in Norfolk Pub 10-Miler (CT00003DR). Greystone offers $100.00 for a new course record and $50.00 for a new Master's record!

There was no shift in the men's top 15 in 2015; however, there were several changes for the women. Melissa Stellato became only the second woman to break 65 minutes. Who will be the first woman to break 60? Could Stellato crack the Camargo top 4? Annmarie Tuxbury is new to the list. Tuxbury is young. Talented, youthful inexperience on the Norfolk 10 will measure strength, stamina, speed, guts, and intelligence.

1. Claudia Camargo 35, 1:00:33, 6:04's, 3rd in 2006

2. Claudia Camargo 36, 1:01:58, 6:12's, 4th in 2007

3. Claudia Camargo 33, 1:03:51, 6:24's, 5th in 2004

4. Claudia Camargo 34, 1:04:46, 6:29's, 4th in 2005

5. Melissa Stellato 33 1:04:55, 6:30's, 8th in 2015

6. Shannon Mchale 40, 1:05:07, 6:31's, 18th in 2011 (Master's Record)

7. Melissa Stellato 32, 1:05:32, 6:34's, 7th in 2014

8. Bess Ritter 24, 1:06:32, 6:40's in 2011

9. Melissa Stellato 31, 1:06:59, 6:42's, 10th in 2013

10. Donna Kay-Ness 50, 1:07:31, 6:46's in 2013

11. Annemarie Tuxbury 21, 1:07:49, 6:47's, 13th in 2015

12. Brittany Heninger 23, 1:08:23, 6:51's in 2011

13. Liz Fagan 28, 1:09:06, 6:55's in 2003

14. Kate Lapinski 41, 1:09:17, 6:56's in 2006

15. Brittany Heninger 21, 1:09:44, 6:59's in 2009

Saturday, December 17, is the big day! On-Line Registration is still open and you can register at the race!

Parking , registration, the start, and finish are located at the Town Hall on Maple Ave. Race-Day registration closes at 10:45 AM. Gun time is 11:00 AM. Current USATF mebership is required for cash awards. Awards (must be present to win) will take place at The Wood creek Bar and Grill at approximately 1:05 PM. See you there!



Th 34th Annual Litchfield Jingle Bell 5K with Santa!

Today's Results!

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